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Book a free appraisal with Alberta Auto Exports before you sell or trade in your vehicle! We have been purchasing Calgarian's vehicles for cash and we are busier than ever. Simply click the button below to get started.

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We Pay More

At Alberta Auto Exports, our job is to find where your vehicle is worth the most, and make you the strongest offer possible. Being independent, we have far less overhead than a large dealership and that translates into more money in your pocket.

No Obligation

Once we do an appraisal on your car, we give you a cash offer of what we can pay. We do our best to get you the top offer and you are under no obligation to accept.

Quick Payment

After agreeing on a price, we can typically pay the same day or next business day.

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Unlock your vehicles true value

The common misunderstanding is that to get the best value for your vehicle you have to spend the time, hassle, and annoyance of trying to sell your vehicle privately. That is no longer the case. With Alberta Auto Exports, we will buy your vehicle for top dollar. No trading in, no tire kickers wasting your time. All it takes is a simple appointment and appraisal to unlock your vehicle top value.

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The process is easy!

1. Book an appraisal with some of your vehicle info

2. Come in for your free appraisal at the time you selected

3. Get your cash offer

That's it! We will be in touch to schedule your appointment to get your vehicle appraised. It's that easy!

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How Do We Pay More?

There are quite a few reasons that we are able to pay more, but the 3 primary reasons have to do with our connections, the US Dollar, and the volume of vehicles that we buy.

The US Dollar

Over the last decade, the US dollar has been quite favorable VS the Canadian Dollar. That can equate to a few thousand dollars difference in the value of your vehicle. Simply put, we can pay more because our customer's in the US pay more.

Our Connections

Just because the US dollar has been better against the Canadian doesn't mean you can get top dollar with no effort. Our partners connect us with buyers willing to pay top dollar for the right vehicle. This allows us to move vehicles quickly, lowering out cost, and increasing what we can pay people like you for your used vehicle.


We transport vehicles every day. The volume of vehicles that we buy, and sell, means that we can afford to pay more per vehicle. We make less per vehicle, but more overall due tothe large volume of vehicles we move.